What Should You Know About Three-Dimensional Frame Measurement?

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If you're comparing body shops following an accident, you may have noticed some shops in your area advertising three-dimensional (or 3D) frame measurement. While this sounds high-tech, it's a technology that's existed in the industry for many years. At its most basic, 3D frame measurement ensures that your car's structure meets the manufacturer's specs in all three dimensions.

Why Do Specs Matter?

Modern unibody cars and conventional body-on-frame cars leave the factory with relatively tight tolerances. Although unibody cars don't have a traditional frame, the car's overall structure must still be straight and true. Damage to the underlying structural elements can cause many drivability issues or, in severe cases, even prevent body panels and mechanical parts from fitting correctly.

A critical part of repairing collision damage is getting these components back within their original factory specifications. In addition to the cosmetic problems that can arise from leaving frame or unibody components out of specifications, your vehicle may also behave dangerously or be less safe in future collisions.

How Do Body Shops Measure Your Frame Damage?

Modern 3D frame measurement systems consist of the measuring system hardware and the specifications database. These measuring systems typically use multiple laser targets placed around the car to measure the positions of individual structural components. The hardware can then take these measurements to provide the technician with an accurate assessment of the frame condition.

The second part of the system, the database, is equally critical. Frame measuring systems use databases that contain detailed specifications for vehicles from nearly any manufacturer. The system then compares the real-time measurement data with the information in the database, allowing technicians to see precisely which parts of your frame may no longer fall within factory specifications.

How Does Frame Measurement Help Restore Your Car?

Accurate 3D frame measurements allow technicians to see precisely where an accident may have bent or distorted your car's frame. Once they've diagnosed the damage, body shop technicians may use various methods to fix it, including basic pulling techniques or powerful hydraulic pullers. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all of your car's measurements fall within acceptable tolerances.

The frame measuring system continues to be valuable during this process. Not only does it help the collision shop to diagnose the damage, but it also allows workers to see the repairs proceed in real-time. This data makes it much easier to adjust shop equipment and ultimately achieve an accurate repair that gets your vehicle back into factory specifications. 

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